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Transitioning from Paper to Electronic Assessment

April 21, 2021
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Many organisations in the education sector are making the switch from hard copy systems to electronic ones. While there was already a strong trend in this direction, it has been dramatically accelerated by the pandemic and the related increase in remote learning.

The transition can be challenging. It can be time-consuming and complex. Often there may be some reluctance within your institution to make the change. There are also challenges around how to re-specify exams for online assessment. You may need to unpack an exam format that has in some instances been the accepted approach or professional standard for many years. Something that has served well.

However as with any change, the transition to online ultimately offers a valuable opportunity and many benefits. It will dramatically increase the efficiency of storing, accessing and sharing information. It will improve data quality and security and will often provide a much-improved student experience.

There are a few crucial tips you can follow to ensure a smooth transition. Identify the right system for you which offers all the right item formats and features you need. Assessment systems are not all the same. Plan thoroughly in advance and take a collaborative approach with the whole exams team and faculty. Make a sustainable plan everyone can sign up to, and see their role. A plan which can be adapted to changing demands. Follow these simple steps in our introductory ebook. Our free guide is available for you to download from above. You will find the switch to online assessments to be extremely beneficial for your institution and your students. And of course we would be delighted to help.

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